Monday, January 31, 2011

Adjusted Opening Hours

As part of its support role to learning, teaching and research, the library has adjusted its opening hours to assist student patrons who may like to study and prepare for semester examinations.
The new opening hours are presented below:

Days                                Opening time                          Closing time

Mondays - Firidays           8.00 am                                 11.00 pm

Saturdays                          8.00 am                                 2.00 pm

Sundays                            5.00 pm                                11.00 pm

Public Holidays                 closed                                     closed

This adjustment is meant for examination period only and has taken effect since January 26, 2011.  We implore our patrons to take note of this development and make good of it.

Elsevier Journals stll accessible through HINARI

RUN Library hereby dispells the assertion that Elsevier Journals are no longer accessible through the HINARI database.  Some members of the academic staff brought this to our notice and we have since confirmed it to be untrue.
We have the understanding that if such major change would be effected, HINARI would before-hand inform its subscribers which cut across over 4800 institutions registered in 105 countries around the globe.
We have tried downloading successfully articles from journals published by Elsevier via  HINARI after the news.  However, we advise our patrons to carefully study the access policy of each journal as negotiated with HINARI  by the publishers because such policy would determine the availability of a journal article in full text.
In case you experience any further challenge you may contact Mr. A.A. Adeleke at the Information Literacy unit of the library for assistance.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Binding Services in RUN Library

RUN Library gleefully announces to its users that they can now do their binding jobs in the library.  This development should particularly delight project students because they can now bind their final projects at cheaper cost than elsewhere as it costs N1500 to bind four (4) copies irrespective of size or number of pages.
The service is also open to other members of Redeemer's University and RCCG Camp communities who may want to mend books, Bibles, hymn books, and other worn materials.
We guarantee quality and affordable services to all our prospective patrons.  You can contact the Circulation Librarian for further details. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to RUN Library Blog

RUN Library is elated to announce the launch of its weblog. The blog promises to intimate users of the library with news, events, activities and latest development in the library as regularly as necessary.
Users can access first-hand information about new arrivals, new technologies and new services of the library.
Also, users can freely make comments and offer suggestions on the library's operations and services via this blog for better performance with the assurance that every comment and suggestion would be addressed promptly.
Please feel free to visit the blog and be properly informed about RUN Library.