Monday, May 16, 2011

RUN Library Launches E-Past Question Paper Bank

RUN Library announces the launch of an electronic past question paper bank created for the purpose of:
  • protecting the physical integrity of the past question papers;
  • providing easier and more convenient access to the question papers; and
  • reducing staff-user friction at the Circulation Desk.
The facility is a repository of past examinations question papers of RUN examinations from 2006 to date.  The documents are digitized and archived in portable document format PDF) and can be accessed via RUN Intranet and the Internet.  The link on the intranet is and on the Internet is

Users should follow the instructions on the site for optimum satisfaction.  In case of missing past questions in the bank, you could inform the library of the course code so we can locate it and include same in the repository.  Please note that we only digitized what was available in the library.

Please endeavour to use the facility and give us a feedback of your experience.  You may send your comments and complaints to or


Friday, May 6, 2011

EBSCOHost Subscription Expires May 31, 2011

RUN Library’s subscription to EBSCOHost databases would expire on May 31, 2011.  The library plans to suspend subscriptions renewal till August 2011when a better deal would be struck with EBSCOHost owners through the NULIB Consortium.  This arrangement promises to reduce subscriptions cost and to provide access to more subject databases than we have presently.

In the light of this, the library implores its patrons to use the databases as much as they can before the subscription expires.  The library also regrets any inconvenience this development might cause patrons.